Kobus and Danita

Lab Owners

Kobus lived, worked and studied in South Africa where he earned a 4 year Diploma in Dental Technology in 1977; As well as in Switzerland, Northern Ireland and Australia before selecting Canada as home.
He has attended countless continuing education classes with some of the world’s master technicians—Gerald Ubassy, Enrico Steger, Oliver Brix, Jurgen Seger, Lee Culp, Dr. Bob Winters, Don Cornell to mention a few.
He is a Dawson alumnus.  The first Dental Technician to become a Kois graduate, as well as a Master Aesthetic LVI technician.

A member of ACP and AACD, AcDc and NS Implant club. First technician in Canada to own the Zirkonzahn Cad Cam Specializing in Zirconia and EMax. Kobus is an avid reader but seems to always gravitate to reading about his work, which he is passionate about. 
Danita and him enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Danita Steyn is a support system that you can rely on. Her mission is to make sure all your needs are met with United Dental and with years of experience as a lab owner she will get you what you need before you need it!


Brenda has been working the dental technology field for over 30 years specializing in chrome partial fabrication.
She has been certified in chrome partials with the Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association since 1997 and joined the United Dental Lab team in 1999.

Brenda has attended a variety of continuing education courses in order to expand her knowledge of dental technology.
As a department head at United, her responsibilities range from communication with doctors to the fabrication of chrome partials with her team.
From designing to wax-ups to the finishing of top quality removable partials, Brenda takes pride in producing the most functional and esthetically pleasing appliances for the patients.
Chris du Plessis
Head of Ceramics

Chris is a specialist in case planning and solutions advising. His career began when he completed a 4-year Dental Tech. National Higher Diploma in 1996. He also received his Bachelor of Science with distinction in 2002. Chris is constantly continuing his education to be the best at what he does.

Shades and Esthetics is Chris’s passion, a result of love and appreciation of the arts. He is greatly talented by transmitting this passion into his crown masterpieces. He has a devotion; Chris loves to make people happy. He also loves to make teeth. Chris has found great success in life, creating teeth resulting in your patients’ happiness.
Karla S
Co-Head of Dentures

Karla has been a tremendous asset to our denture department at United. She has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge with her, both in the lab and in working with clients and patients.

She gave our Denture Department a new lease on life and challenges us to always  excel and to do better. Her knowledge of what patients expect and experience has added a new dimension to the laboratory.

Karla graduated from the NSCC Denture Technology Diploma program in 1999.

To further her education Karla worked in dental labs to gain experience and a different perspective on multiple denture appliances.
As part of her pursuit of education, Karla has sought to work closely with dentists in order to get a holistic understanding of denture needs that they may have, bringing forth solutions for the patient-dentist-technician team.
Shane J
Denture and Implant conversion specialist

With over 40 years’ experience in Dental Technology, Shane is highly specialized in the Denture Department, with plenty of experience in Splints and Orthodontics. Born and raised in the Maritimes, he has worked in New Brunswick, PEI and in Halifax for United Dental Lab for over 20 years.

Shane is a specialist in Immediate Implant Loading; doing chairside conversions of Dentures with Dentists and Surgeons.

Shane is involved with training of staff and also assisting Dentists with any questions, concerns or problems they may face.


"Partial was fantastic! Great fitting and amazing shade! Looks so natural!"
Dr. Tammy Moffett
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